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Young, fun and original, Namshi is the Middle East's number one online fashion destination. Style-obsessed, 20-something customers choose Namshi
for its aspirational yet accessible product selection, huge choice of brands and authentically urban aesthetic.

Passionate and dynamic individuals across more than 24 nationalities and speaking 17 languages make up the teams at Namshi. Each and every person working
within our 11 departments brings innovation, creativity and hustle to this fast paced e-commerce hub.

So, whether it´s the latest trends or cutting-edge technologies that excite you, we welcome you to explore ‘Life at Namshi’ and join us
in our journey. Here you can check out our departments section, see what people have to say about working here or join us socially. Plus don't forget
to keep an eye on our latest vacancies and share your details with us so we know who you are.

You could be the next person to join the Namshi family!

Our Values

Deliver measurable results efficiently
Bring passion to your role in your own way
Advocate for every customer
Stay humble and always think of ways to improve yourself
Proactively take ownership
Build relationships based on honesty, integrity and transparency

Our Departments

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Travelling and trade shows aside, our buying team of fashion-loving assistant buyers, buyers and senior buyers, work across 5 categories to place trading with more than 300 brands, including of some of the best high street brands from around the world as well as our own private label. Analyzing data, researching trends and applying buying strategy to identify, source and purchase, our buying team ensures that we have the latest trends that the Namshi customer can’t be without.


Q: What is the best thing about your job?

"To be part of a company where people are not only approachable, understanding and friendly but also where there is plenty of opportunity to progress. I have been at Namshi since the beginning and had the opportunity to be moved up 3 positions in that time. I also love being part of a multi brand company working with some of best high street brands from around the world!"

Q: What is your fondest memory to date?

"My first buying trip when I was an Assistant Buyer! I had the chance to travel and finally meet the faces behind the brands that I had been on email with for such a long time. I got to understand how things work from their side which helped me a lot in grasping the buying cycles."


Q: What are you most proud of/biggest achievement at Namshi?

"The day I got recognized for my hard work through a promotion."

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Family, fashionable, ambitious."

Loading Creative & Content

Content & Design

Dedicated to setting the tone for Namshi, this dynamic department boasts creative thinkers from all backgrounds. Sitting among the inspiring mood boards of the office are content coordinators, graphic designers, image creators, social media editors, videographers and editors, who together shape the entire look and feel of the Namshi brand. Working hand-in-hand with the buying and marketing teams, creative & content make campaigns come to life through trend-led photo shoots, innovative graphics, sharp editorial copy and shareable social media.


Q: What does the role of a fashion editor at Namshi involve?

"Managing the content flow of all editorial on site. Whether that’s the homepage, brand pages or the emails. I work across collaborations with brands, video content and our monthly trend photoshoots. I've helped shape the tone of voice at Namshi, to ensure we are speaking to our customers in a language they understand and which is credible to the Namshi brand."

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Dynamic, inclusive and creative."

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Often suggested to be the heartbeat of any e-commerce company, our tech team works with determination and drive, with a lot of tech jargon thrown in for good measure! Not only do they build and implement the latest cutting edge technologies and innovations, but also ensure the smooth-running of our platform and app to deliver our customer a best in class user experience. In addition to IT and product management, our business intelligence team apply their analytical brains to collate and report on our business performance.


Q: What is the best thing about your role?

"The people. My role requires a high level of concentration and so whenever I take a break and look up, it’s great to know that I have people around me that will joke and make me smile. Having the autonomy responsibility and not being afraid to make mistakes also makes me feel really appreciated and motivated."

Q: Why Namshi?

"It’s a place that embraces change and new technologies. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow not only technically, but also on a personal level. The chance to travel to tech conferences has also allowed me to meet some great tech gurus and expand my knowledge even further."


Q: What does the role of PM involve?

"I make sure that every department who contributes to product development are aware of the latest features to mobile and android as well as the developments to our app. I also look after the whole app development cycle through from specification, implementation and release to feedback and analysis. It’s the feedback and analysis part that particularly interests me! My role requires passion and always striving to do your best to learn and improve our platforms."

Q: What is your fondest memory to date?

"For me it's not about one or two memorable things. Everything I'm involved in is memorable. Whether it's the new iOS app launch, helping someone with an issue or the new tracking site going live, they are all things I have fond memories of. I learn something new from every experience."

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When it comes to pioneering digital marketing in the region, our in-house marketing team is at the forefront. With experience from across the globe, we are constantly striving to understand our customers better and to deliver a more targeted, local and personalised shopping experience across all of our platforms. Utilising both data insights and fashion knowledge we aim to deliver a truly unique and inspirational online shopping experience and stay on top of digital innovation.


Q: What does the role of a PR manager involve?

"Driving and developing campaigns for Namshi and all corresponding products and brands. Advertising, writing and distributing press releases, offline campaign launches, planning events and PR opportunities that will drive us to increase the word of mouth about how great Namshi is!"

Q: Why Namshi?

"We are the leaders in the region. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most creatively talented individuals from around the world, an experience that has been purely rewarding. Since the Middle East has only started becoming online savvy in the past few years, there is so much room for being creative and doing things out of the box."


Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

"That I am given the freedom and scope to work in the way that best suits me. This allows me to not only learn from my mistakes but challenge myself and grow myself within Namshi."

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Fun (of course), Challenging, Transparent."

Loading Merchandising


Captivated by numbers and data, our merch team is made up of merchandisers, merch planners, data coordinators and data processors. A bunch of Excel whizz kids who, when they’re not solving Rubik's Cubes in seconds, are the experts in forecasting fashion trends and planning as well as maintaining stock levels to help drive smart buying decisions.


Q: What is the best thing about your job?

"Being part of a team where everyone matters and has the ability to make a difference. My role allows me to not only focus on the brands/categories performance but also the overall scope of the business activity such as the content, app features, social engagement as well as identify what the Namshi customer wants and how they are shopping with us."

Q: Why Namshi?

"When applying for a job, the perception of a brand/retailer is a really important factor to me. Namshi ticked all these boxes. Not only do I get to work alongside some of the top brands worldwide, but Namshi also offers a motivating working environment, personal development and endless opportunities for career progression. For me it’s important to be part of a brand/retailer that not only offers great products but also provides a seamless shopping experience where customer satisfaction is essential. I believe Namshi has set the standard in the UAE for achieving this and so, am honored to be part of the largest fashion e-tailer in the UAE."


Q: What is your fondest memory to date?

"I have been with Namshi since the start so have tons of fond memories. I would have to say though that my fondest was when we first hit a 1,000 orders and the MDs email went viral within the company!"

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Spontaneous, fun and generous."

Loading Central Functions

Central Functions

The support pillar of any business includes Human Resources and Finance. Our HR team expertly plan and deliver people strategy, support growth via recruitment & engagement and develop benefits that are firmly aligned with where Namshi is headed - e-commerce domination! Taking pride in the day-to-day financials as well continuously looking at ways to deliver value to our shareholders, our finance team would challenge anyone to be able to work formula and navigate spreadsheets as well as they can.

Human Resources


Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

"Being a recruiter at Namshi is amazing! I feel lucky to meet with and hire so many incredible minds. I value the opportunity to open the doors to candidates and see how the offer of working for us gives them a second home."

Q: Why Namshi?

"I love the fashionable online environment as well as the kind hearted individuals that lead this company."

Loading Studio


Our studio is a fast-paced, high energy, creative environment where a mix of skilled and talented individuals come together every day to shoot and produce high quality imagery and content for our website and app. Our diverse team of photographers, stylists, studio assistants, content writers, hair and makeup artists, models and planners makes for an eclectic mix that guarantees every day is a high-octane production across each of our 5 studio sets. The production team is ever-evolving, tirelessly innovative and driven in its pursuit of excellence and creating a world class customer experience.


Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

"Working in such a fun, fast paced environment where I am surrounded by a vibrant and professional team. I wake up looking forward to going to work. It doesn’t feel like work, I love what I do! We are fortunate enough to work with top international brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Mango, as well as our private label brands such as Ginger & Ella. Every day I am able to highlight my creative flair as a Stylist and deliver to the customer what they love."

Q: Why Namshi?

"Namshi is full of passionate, approachable individuals who I am privileged to work alongside on a daily basis. Everyone’s voice is heard at Namshi. I have the opportunity to confidently suggest and implement my own creative ideas."


Q: What does the role of a Content Writer involve?

"To provide specific details to all of our products you see online. We research, write, edit and generate the content by looking at the physical product in the Studio. We strive to write easy to understand yet quality content attaining Namshi standards. The main aim is to enhance the customer experience by providing the exact details they are looking for in a product."

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Young, fashionable, creative"

Loading Operations


Our Operations team hustle to make sure the most important people in our business - our customers, continuously receive the best shopping and delivery experience in the Middle East. Made up of a team of energetic and hardworking customer experience, solutions and delivery agents it's a guarantee that there is no query that can't be answered and no problem that can't be solved. Our warehouse team and delivery associates are the logistical arms behind Namshi's success. Whether it's handling hundreds of new brands and orders coming into our warehouse, or the thousands of orders going out, this team are known to be always 'on'. Every job that is done with dedication, a team spirit and a smile.

Customer Services

We strive to achieve our mission of delivering a best in class customer experience and look to our CS teams hustle in achieving this. No query left unresolved, our team of customer experience and customer solutions, works confidently and with style to respond to every query.


Q: What does the role of customer service manager at Namshi involve?

"I manage the customer support team (inbound & outbound) to ensure that we deliver a “WOW” experience to all of our customers every time."

Q: What are you most proud of?

"Being part of a team who have contributed to creating an environment where everyone in the customer services offices feels like one big family."


Q: What's the best thing about your job?

"The best thing about being here is feeling that I am with my second family and sharing many moments with my colleagues."

Q: Describe Namshi in 3 words

"Family, creativity, culture."

Life at Namshi


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